Products made with the original recipes that we inherited and continue to perform to this day with traditional, handmade techniques. Recipes that have evolved over the years, with respect to the Greek tradition and have been perfectly harmonized with modern Mediterranean dietary habits and values. Quickly and easily, always with the signature of Lyberis.


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Each bread has its own characteristics, it is kneaded and baked in its own way. Whatever bread is your favorite, you can find it in our store every day. Rural bread, with sourdough, rye, wheat, loaf, wholemeal bread, are just some of the varieties we have.

We take care of teams with sensitive nutritional needs and we have created similar products.



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In our bakery every day you will find fresh baguettes, breads, breadsticks in various flavors and types, savory buns, nuts in a wide variety, toasts, cookies, traditional crackers, with flavors or fillings, rusks.


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We love handmade crusts, doughs and puff pastry. Every day in our production unit we prepare and bake for you a multitude of savory and sweet snacks, for your breakfast or break. In our selection we have exquisite puff pastry, fluffy croissants, cereal bars with Superfoods, traditional pies, homemade pizzas and many other snacks that give you energy and accompany your coffee.

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In our bakery you will find a wide variety of delicious sandwiches, made with the freshest and finest ingredients. We have a wide variety of flavors and types with various cold cuts, cheeses, fillets, vegetables and sauces for every appetite and every hour!

Sandwich buns are kneaded and baked daily in our workshop. All our doughs are handmade and not frozen! We make them every day for you with the purest quality materials!


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Every occasion and celebration is associated with flavors and aromas.

Warm lagana, delicious Easter bread (tsoureki) and cakes in various flavors will be waiting for you in our oven to accompany your beautiful moments.

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