Welcome to official website of Liberi's Bakery.
A historical bakery of Samos keeps the tradition for more than a century...
...offering you excellent bakery products delicious and healthy!
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From 1900 and every dawn we knead with meraki and love  hot, crispy bread with the experience of four generations.

A long journey, full of sweet and savory flavors and creations, whose unique taste characterizes them all these years. The immense love of its founder Panagiotis Liberis, for the bakery was the beginning of our very successful course. From his first steps he was looking for techniques, traditions and materials to make bread so delicious that it can be eaten plain and in such a large variety that it can bring flavors from every corner of Greece to our island.

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Our philosophy is that when you marry the old with the modern, then a different approach emerges.The result is new products and flavors, sophisticated equipment, always with stable values ​​of high quality raw materials, freshness and imagination. True to the traditional recipes, we are always looking for new approaches with selective criteria.

In a cozy place, where the smell of sourdough bread captivates you, we open our doors early in the morning to offer you traditional sourdough handmade bread, a wide variety of pies made with our own crusts and puff pastry, delicious sandwiches, traditional crackers, rusks, delicious cakes and pastries.


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Made with meraki and pure ingredients as in the past! Only excellent ingredients are included in our preparation!

We create top bakery products from a special recipe and the best ingredients. We choose authentic materials from our island and from every corner of Greece to ensure the absolute satisfaction of the consumer.

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Products made with the original recipes that we inherited and continue to perform to this day with traditional, handmade techniques. Recipes that have evolved over the years, with respect to the Greek tradition and have been perfectly harmonized with modern Mediterranean dietary habits and values. Quickly and easily, always with the signature of Lyberis.